Long-Term Planning

The publication of "Planning as Learning" in the Harvard Business Review in 1988 posed questions about the role of long-term planning in companies and, at the same time, about the nature of decision-taking processes. And when, after his retirement from Shell, Arie moved into public speaking and consultancies, not surprisingly, these two themes kept coming back and were further developed in his talks, interviews and published articles, as well as an evolution in his thinking.

Examples of publications on the theme of Long-Term Planning are:-

Het Ondenkbare Denken - Belasting Bulletin - 01/03/2004 - Dutch Inland Revenue - (Dutch)


Das lebende Unternehmen - Langfristiges Denken in einer sich wandelnden Gesellschaft In the Long Run 2005 - Oekom Verlag - www.oekom.de -   (German & English)  -  3-936581-89-4   
(English version in the same volume under the title: "Long-Term Thinking in a Changing Society"


Scenarios and Decision-taking - Oxford Futures Forum October 2005 - Templeton College - (English).