What is the Real Nature of Companies?

Arie's thinking on this subject led to publications and lectures such as the one given at The Royal Society of Arts in London in 1995:Companies: what are they? RSA Journal (English) - 25 January 1995 - Royal Society of Arts -/usr/library/documents/main/companies_what_are_they.doc

Two years later, this culminated in the publication of an article in the Harvard Business Review: The Living Company - vol.75, number 2 - March-April 1997 - Harvard Business School Press -www.hbsp.harvard.edu - as well as the publication of the book with the same title in the same year. Both the book and the article won prizes given by Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times and Booz-Allen & Hamilton, and Business Week included it in its list of the ten best business books of the year.

Again, and very quickly, translations and elaborations followed these two original publications. The book ended up being translated into more than 20 languages, whereas some separate translations and follow-up articles appeared in different places, e.g.

Ondernemingen: Wat Zijn Dat?  -  Nijenrode Management Review, nr. 1  - Nov/Dec 1996  - Nijpress bv  -  http://library.nyenrode.nl/INT -  (Dutch)  -  ISSN 1386-3347

The New Workplace: Transforming the Character and Culture of Our Organizations - 1998  - Pegasus Communications Inc  -  www.pegasuscom.com  - ( English)  -  ISBN 1 -883823-25-0

La Empresa Viviente - Entorno Empresarial del Siglo XXI y Gestion del ConocimientoCluster Conocimiento  -  www.clusterconocimiento.com  -  (Spanish)  -  BI-2928-01

In the year 1998, a new theme started to appear in Arie's talks and publications ...

"The End of (Economic) Capitalism".